Mountain Rye Whisky

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The Alpine region of Trentino Alto Adige is undoubtedly the emblem of the italian mountains. A small, fortunate area rich in green meadows, unspoiled woods, soaring peaks, pure mountain streams and the glaciers of the Brenta Dolomites where cool, clear water springs. The Dolzan family has upheld the tradition of artisanal distillation for over 170 years right here in this beautiful setting, dedicating great care and respect to nature and ancient mountain crafts such as high-altitude cultivation of rye.

Rey Whisky

This mountain whisky has been aged for long seasons in oak barrels, giving it wonderful elegance and balance.

RYE high-altitude cultivation
AROMA: of great finesse and intensity, with extraordinary individual style. Pleasantly distinguished by floral scents of rose and fruity hints of citrus fruits.

TASTE: round, velvety and smooth with exceptional aromatic richness, featuring fruity notes of mango, banana, sultanas and plum and hints of vanilla, tea, coffee, almond and cocoa.

FIRST EDITION n°1978 bt.

Alc. Vol.


70 cl

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