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Museum Cose di casa:
our history in 1600 antique objects

With the secrets of the art of distillation we have also been handed down a considerable quantity of antique tools. Our father, Luigi Dolzan, has made a beautiful selection from an ethnographic point of view, including several pieces which stands out as authentic rarities. The collection is now a nationally important museum located in the most beautiful room of Villa de Varda showcasing 1.600 antique objects used for farming, wine making and distilling and 280 historical documents testifying centuries of ethnographic life of our Family.

Discovering the museum


In the Villa de Varda Museum you can admire unique and rare pieces, like a potstill of the 15th century, a press of the 17th century and historical documents belonged to the Dolzan Family and Mattioli, famous botanist and doctor of the Prince Bishop of the Concilio di Trento.