Villa de Varda, a unique process amongst the Trentino distilleries

Choosing a Villa de Varda grappa means choosing a unique and antique method, ever evolving and improving for more than 150 years. For us its a real pleasure to show you our distillery in Mezzolombardo, to let you experience an emotion. This is what happens every year in the potstill room and this magic allow us to create grappa and spirits well balanced, smooth, harmonious and typical of the Trentino varieties. Grappa is the best companion to enhance a great moment spent with our beloved ones.

Our distillery in Mezzolombardo

We invite you to come and visit us so you can witness the alchemic process that takes place in our distillery. Before you do so, we can answer a few questions you might ask us.

Why we distill?

Because the Dolzan Family have been doing it for more than 150 years and each generation has been positively engaged by the previous one

What we distill?

Being able to distill high quality grape skins (pomace) is the most important starting point to obtain excellent grappa

How we distill?

Following religiously the de Varda method that generation on generation improves and gets more detailed

Who do we distill for?

For us, for our friends, for the most passionate clients, and whoever wants to explore this wonderful world

If even just one of these answers intrigued you we invite you to visit us in our distillery in Piana Rotaliana, Trentino.