Grappa Single Cask Pinot Nero

Single Cask

Rarely a barrique matures in a special way, different from the others. This unique characteristics are valued and bottled “pure” without blending: this is how a Single Cask grappa is crafted.

Aged Grappa Single Cask Pinot Noir: difference that defines excellence

Every year is different from the others and this is the reason why every barrel selected for our single cask collection is special and unique. A surprise that we also witness in the distillery

Color: Amber with intense yellow gold strikes
Nose: Persistent, hearty, of noble finesse and intensity with great olfactory complexity
given by morello cherry, blackcurrant and red ripe fruit notes, pleasantly characterized by floral and toasty hints.
Taste: Delicate, smooth, complex, balanced, rich and harmonious, refined by the fragrance of the red ripe fruit with floral and toasted scents.

Alc Vol

18° C

70 cl

Product Sheet