Stravecchia Nonno Giovanni – Grappa Riserva

Riserve di Famiglia

The grappa Stravecchia Nonno Giovanni is the result of the unique tradition of the Dolzan family to pass down father to son a precious selection of grappa as a good wish of continuity of the family business. The grappa stravecchia Nonno Giovanni is part of the Riserve di Famiglia collection and is presented in an elegant pine coffret, each bottle is numbered and signed by the master distiller Luigi Dolzan


Teroldego and pinot noir: discovering the grappa Stravecchia nonno Giovanni

Made from Pinot Noir and Teroldego grape skins from Trentino this Grappa Stravecchia is part of our Riserve di Famiglia collection. A riserva grappa with a warm and intense scent and a beautiful rich gold colour. The taste is complex, harmonious and velvety,engaging even the most demanding palate.

Selected Teroldego and Pinot Noir grape skins from Trentino, softly pressed and distilled straight after racking

Color: bright yellow gold

Nose: elegant, intense, delicate with an interesting complexity of toasted almond, coffee, cocoa, amaretto biscuits, fresh pastries, honey, red ripe fruit and enriched by flowery notes

Palate: very fine, smooth and with a great aromatic intensity, velvety, harmonious and refined by hints of nuts, vanilla and tea.

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70 cl

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 ANAG National Award