Moscato Stravecchia Albarel – Aged
Grappa Riserva

Alta Selezione

The Aged Grappa Riserva – Moscato Stravecchia Albarel from the Alta Selezione Collection is a distillate made by the best moscato grape skins from Trentino, the first variety that we process during the distilling campain and aged for a long time in our wood barrells. From this process we obtain a unique grappa, ideal for a special occasion. The wood coffret and the fact sheet hand signed by the master distiller enhance this authentic Villa de Varda gem.

The Grappa riserva moscato has a name: Albarel

The Moscato Stravecchia Albarel presents an inviting intense amber colour; the scent is complex and intriguing, impossible to resist: the taste is seducing, aromatic and rich, extremely velvety and smooth.

Color: amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: of exceptional aromatic elegance, complex, rich, with interesting fruity hints of pineapple, citrus fruits, floral of elderflower, acacia, lily and wisteria

Palate: very smooth and refined, well rounded, rich, with delicate hints of nuts, white chocolate, balmy, fruity, floral with an important aromatic bouquet.

Alc Vol


70 cl

Product Sheet

ANAG Gold Medal