Gran Cuvèe Stravecchia Sclave – Aged Grappa Riserva

Alta Selezione

This grappa belonging to our Alta Selezione Collection has been awarded with the Best Gold medal: at first glance is golden and inviting. We select only the best Müller Thurgau and Moscato grape skins from Trentino, this Aged Grappa Riserva is boxed in a fine gift box, accompanied by its product sheet hand signed by the master distiller Luigi Dolzan.

Tasting the Aged Grappa Riserva – Gran Cuvée Stravecchia Sclave

This Aged Grappa Riserva is obtained by distilling only carefully selected grape skins, aged for many years in our wood barrels. The intense amber colour and the gentle and elegant scent invite to taste this harmonious and floral grappa with an outstanding aromatic richness

Selected Müller Thurgau and Moscato grape skins from Trentino, softly pressed and distilled straight after racking

Color: intense amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: very smooth and refined, intense, fine, with delicate hints of mature grape, apricots, cherry, with interesting notes of vanilla, coffee, amaretto biscuit, cocoa, fresh pastries and nuts

Palate: of great aromatic richness, refined and delicate, harmonious, well balances, floral, smooth, with interesting spicy hints, almonds and honey

Alc Vol


70 cl

Product Sheet

Gold Medal