Aged Grappa Aromatic Traminer Riserva

Le Riserve

The Aged Grappa Aromatic Traminer Riserva it’s an extraordinary aromatic grappa, with a great combination of aromas given bt the grape variety and the tertiary aromas gained in the skilled ageing period

A refined Grappa

The Aged Grappa Aromatic Traminer Riserva is the most refined of our Aged Riserve Collection thanks to its aromatic character and infinite persistence.

Color: Amber with intense yellow gold strikes

Nose: Aromatic, complex, fruity of fresh grape, floral notes of rose buds, orange blossoms, elderflower and jasmine, toasty notes of almond, amaretto biscuit and yeast

Taste:Smooth and elegant, rich and full bodied, with an intriguing aromatic bouquet that will satisfy the most demanding palate

Alc Vol

18° C

20 cl, 70 cl

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