Mormorio della Foresta: whispering of the forest


Mormorio della Foresta is our collection which includes two special grappa, selected for the unique quality

Trentino Grappa Mormorio della Foresta,a tasteful choice

The trentino grappa Mormorio della Foresta is bottled in mouth blown glass bottles enriched by a bunch of grapes bevelled by hand.

Mormorio della Foresta is a collection extremely selected and enriched by an artisanal packaging, they are available in youg chardonnay or aged riserva, both in two sizes of 70 and 150 cl.

Aged Grappa Riserva
Selected Müller Thurgau and Pinot Noir grape skins from Trentino. Softly pressed and distilled straight after raking

Young Grappa Chardonnay
Chardonnay grape skins softly pressed and distilled straight after racking

Alc Vol

Grappa Riserva: 18°C
Grappa Chardonnay: 15°C

70 cl e 150 cl

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