Grappa Single Cask Moscato

Single Cask

Rarely a barrique matures in a special way, different from the others. This unique characteristics are valued and bottled “pure” without blending: this is how a Single Cask Grappa is crafted

Grappa Single Cask  Moscato, unique and special

Every year is different from the others and this is the reason why every barrel selected for our Single Cask collection is special and unique. A surprise that we also witness in the distillery.

Color: amber with intense yellow gold strikes

Nose: of great aromatic complexity, intense with fruity scents of citrus fruits, apple, pineapple, with hints of elderflower, wisteria, toasty notes of hazelnut, pistachio, cocoa and freshly baked croissants

Taste: exceptionally smooth and elegant, harmonious, delicate, rich and persistent aromatic complexity, delightful floral, fruity and toasty bouquet

Alc Vol

18° C

70 cl

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