Grappa Stravecchia Anniversario

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Grappa Stravecchia Anniversario

We are grappa distillers as of the first half of the 19th century since our ancestor, Romedio, left his son Michele two stills and the equipment necessary to distill the grappa from the grapes harvested on their lands. Two centuries apart, we feel the desire to celebrate the history of our family, reaching with pride the 6th generation of grappa distillers with a unique Grappa Stravecchia which represents all the knowledge and the craftsmanship matured over the last 170 years of activity.

The rare Nosiola air dried grape skins from the Valle dei Laghi in Trentino is distilled straight after the raking, still soaked with its liquid gold, to enhance all its natural elegance. The long resting period in french oak, Acacia and Cherry wood barrels give to this Grappa Stravecchia elegant and refined qualities. A tribute to the 6 generations of the Dolzan family that from over two centuries have been handed down the fine distilling art. We suggest you enjoy this grappa with a fine sigar whilst you read the book of the history of our family, included in the limited release precious gift box.
Color: Intense amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: Fine and intense with notes of raisins, tangerine jam, candied citrus fruits, dry pastries and floral scents, spiced and toasted notes of vanilla and coffee

Taste: Smooth and elegant with a rich and intense aromatic persistence

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