Grappa Riserva 50° Dolzan

Riserve di Famiglia

The best high alcohol content grappa for an all round pleasure, on the nose and palate. Grappa riserva 50° Dolzan, an historic grappa made how grandfather Giovanni Dolzan intended. We have revisited his original recipe, taste and packaging, if you have the oppurtunity to visit us you will be able to see the original bottle in our museum.

Tasting the grappa riserva 50° Dolzan

The grappa riserva 50° Dolzan is our best high alcohol content grappa loved by the most demanding conoisseurs that appreciate the complex and aristocratic scent and the rich and aromatic taste. A real treat for special pairings such as chocolates and cigars. The jute pouch recalls the material used to carry the grape skins in the distillery in the old days and makes this a refined and classy gift

Selected Teroldego and Moscato grape skins from Trentino, softly pressed and distilled straight after racking

Color: intense amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: complex, clean, fragrant, gentle, excellently fine and intense with toasty notes of nuts, floral and fruity hints

Palate: rich, generous, balanced, velvety with a complex aromatic bouquet confirming all olfactory perceptions.

Alc Vol


70 cl

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