1975: Wine Brandy Stravecchio – One of our best Spirits

Riserve di Famiglia

1975 is the birth year of Michele Dolzan that together with his brother Mauro, represents the 6th generation of the Villa de Varda family.

“On the 20th October 1975 I was filling some barrels with a wine distillate selected for ageing and I received a very important phone call from my wife Clara: she was going into labor of our first son Michele. That precious distillate has been left to mature in barriques for over 40 years and I dedicate this extraordinary spirit to my beloved son” Luigi Dolzan

Discover 1975

1975 wine brandy is one of the best distillate of Villa de Varda. Its  amber colour with intense gold strikes will charm you into tasting it straight away. On the nose it is extremely fine and with a great aromatic intensity, a distillate with a delicate and harmonious taste revealing into a great persistence. The beautiful iconic bottle is presented in an elegant wood coffret.

Color: intense amber with rich yellow gold strikes

Nose: excellent aromatic richness, pleasingly characterized by hints of raisins, honey, vanilla and toasty notes of hazelnut, cocoa and coffee

Palate: very refined and smooth, deliciously aromatic, harmonious, rich, with important fruity hints of dried fruits and a very long-lasting persistence

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