Grappa Chardonnay

Giovani – Young Grappa

The Young Grappa Chardonnay comes from the most widespread international grape variety and has found on the Trentino hills the ideal habitat for the production of great wines and sparkling Trento Doc

Are you a young Grappa Chardonnay type?

The young Grappa Chardonnay pleases the most refined palates

Color: Bright, crystalline and transparent

Nose: Pleasant, refined, broad, complex, fragrant, delicately fruity of golden apple, apricot, citrus fruits and hazelnuts, lovely hints of honey and yellow flowers

Taste:Harmonious, smooth, rich, balanced, elegant, floral and fruity, of great persistence and complexity with hints of freshly baked bread and honey

Alc Vol

15° C

20 cl, 50 cl, 70 cl

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