Grappa Riserva Brunello

Barrique Castello Romitorio

Gran Cru

The Aged Grappa Riserva Brunello Castello Romitorio Gran Cru collection meets the wine making vocation of Tuscany with the art of the distillation by the Dolzan family in Trentino. A unique method, ageing the grappa in the same barrels used for the ageing of the Brunello wine of the Castello Romitorio winery in Montalcino.

The best Aged Grappa Riserva Brunello? It’s a Gran Cru

The intriguinly intense amber colour invites you to smell and indulge on the wide and enveloping concert of aromas. The Aged Grappa Riserva Brunello di Montalcino Castello Romitorio Gran Cru collection has a long finish, characterized by an authoritative rich bouquet. Like all the other Gran Cru collection Grappa the Brunello riserva is presented in an elegant mahogany wood coffret.

Sangiovese grape skins used for the production of the Brunello di Montalcino wine of the “Castello Romitorio” winery. Softly pressed and distilled straight after raking
Color: amber with intense yellow gold strikes

Nose: intense, fine, elegant, great aromatic profile, with splendid olfactory concert of vanilla, coffee, amaretto biscuit and cocoa

Taste: exceptionally smooth and elegant, well rounded, harmonious, long, clearly recalls the perceptions felt on the nose

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70 cl

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