Grappa Barolo Riserva

Botti Massolino

Gran Cru

When a great variety meets the de Varda method only a great spirit can be crafted: the Aged Grappa Riserva Barolo Massolino Gran Cru collection. Aged in the same barrels used for the Barolo wine, this grappa showcases all the flavours and scents of the best Barolo d’Alba from the Massolino winery enriched by the craftmanship of our master distillers.

The Aged Grappa Riserva from the best Barolo

Golden colour, intense and distinctive nose: this is the Aged Grappa Riserva Barolo Massolino Gran Cru. The taste is velvety and smooth with a notable persistence that makes this grappa truly unforgettable. Like all the other Gran Cru collection grappa the Barolo Riserva is presented in an elegant mahogany wood coffret

Nebbiolo grape skins used for the production of the Barolo wine of the “Massolino” winery. Softly pressed and distilled straight after raking
Color: amber with intense yellow gold strikes

Nose: generous, well defined, clean and particularly intense, toasted notes of nuts and vanilla

Taste: exceptionally smooth and elegant, well rounded, harmonious, great aromatic richness and persistence with clear notes of red ripe fruits, vanilla and floral notes

Alc Vol


70 cl

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