Teroldego Stravecchia Broilet – Aged Grappa Riserva

Alta Selezione

The Grappa Teroldego Stravecchia Broilet is the result of the distillation of the best pomace of Teroldego, a native variety of Trentino that grows in the heart “of the most beautiful vine garden of Europe” as defined by Goethe. The elegance of this grappa is also translated onto its packaging: the bottle is cased in a prestigious wood coffret and each bottle’s certificate is hand signed by the master distiller Luigi Dolzan.

Grappa Aged Riserva – Teroldego stravecchia Broilet: Trentina all the way.

Opening a mahogany coffret and discovering the quality of the Grappa Teroldego Stravecchia Broilet is a great emotion. Its amber with rich yellow gold strikes colour, the generous and well rounded scent anticipates the intriguing taste, velvety and rich finish.

Color: amber with rich yellow gold strikes

Nose: delicate, rich, with beautiful notes of gianduja, walnut hull, almond, coffee, amaretto biscuit, honey, vanilla, yeast, floral and fruity.

Palate: smooth, harmonious, well rounded, balmy, recalls the seducing sensations felt on the nose.

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70 cl

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ANAG Gold Medal