Pinot Nero Stravecchia Cortalta – Aged Grappa Riserva

Alta Selezione

The Aged Grappa Riserva Pinot Nero Stravecchia Cortalta is crafted by using the best Pinot Noir grape skins from Trentino, one of the most noble and well known international variety which has found here an ideal soil and climate. This grappa is expression of excellence and has become one of the most appreciated products of Villa de Varda. The mahogany wood coffret and each bottle’s certificate is hand signed by the master distiller Luigi Dolzan.

Grappa aged riserva – Pinot Noir Stravecchia Cortalta: a taste revelation

This Pinot Noir aged grappa riserva presents itself with an attractive intense amber with yellow gold strikes colour, the broad and distinctive taste guides you to discover a unique grappa, elegant and graceful, with an intriguing aromatic bouquet.

Color: intense amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: harmonious, broad, clean with fruity notes of cherry, blackcurrants, red ripe fruits, toasted notes of cocoa, almond, pistachio, walnut hull, coffee, vanilla and enriched by interesting floral notes

Palate: extremely smooth and elegant, well rounded, intense, rich, well balanced with an interesting varietal bouquet, confirming the olfactory perceptions

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70 cl

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ANAG Gold Medal