Müller Thurgau Stravecchia Roncola – Aged Grappa Riserva

Alta Selezione

When the selected Müller Thurgau grape skins meet the de Varda method and are aged for a long time in our wood barriques an exclusive Alta Selezione grappa is born: Aged grappa riserva Müller Thurgau Stravecchia Roncola. The wood coffret and the fact sheet hand signed by the master distiller enhance this precious bottle

Müller Thurgau Stravecchia Roncola: aged grappa riserva from the Alta Selezione collection

Its not difficult to be allured by the intense amber and gold colour of this aged Grappa Riserva. The clean and spicy scent catches the nose and invites to discover the round and smooth taste: extremely pleasant

Color: amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: refined, intense, pleasantly fruity of apricot, cherry, blackcurrant, red ripe fruit, toasted notes of hazelnut, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, amaretto biscuit and floral

Taste: exceptionally smooth and refined, elegant, well rounded, of great aromatic richness, fully confirming the fruity, floral and toasted hints felt on the nose

Alc Vol


70 cl

Product Sheet

ANAG Gold Medal