Aged Grappa Teroldego Riserva

Le Riserve

The most important native variety of Trentino, produced in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana; from this variety we craft the Aged Grappa Teroldego Riserva, one of the most representative Grappa by Villa de Varda.

A bouquet of intriguing scents

Aged Grappa Teroldego Riserva by Villa de Varda is a multi-faceted grappa with plenty of aromas which is well suited to long ageing, a true connoiseurs spirit.

Color: Amber with intense yellow gold strikes

Nose: Refined, very persistent with notes of freshly baked bread, dried fruits, almonds, ripe fruits and cherry

Taste: Delicate, refined, complex, harmonious, with toasty notes and sweet spices scents, vanilla, almonds, nicely smooth and able to intrigue even the most refined palate

Alc Vol

18° C

20cl, 50cl, 70cl

Product Sheet

ANAG National contest Gold Medal