Aged Grappa Amarone Riserva

Aged Riserve

We distill selected grapes from Valpolicella to give light to an Aged Grappa Amarone Riserva full of character and aristocratic, ideal for the lovers of strong tasting spirits.

An important Grappa

The Aged Grappa Amarone Riserva has great charm, ideal for the most important moments of life. It’s the last of our distilling campain, in February, after the grapes have air dried to concentrate the most rich aromas.

Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella air dried grape skins from Valpolicella. Softly pressed and distilled straight after raking

Color: Intense amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: Broad, harmonious, full bodied, very pleasant, clear cut with fruity notes of red ripe fruit, toasty notes of cocoa, almond, walnut husk, coffee and vanilla

Taste: Smooth and elegant, well rounded, intense, persistent, rich and balanced with an excellent aromatic and floral bouquet

Alc Vol

18° C

20 cl, 70 cl

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