Sior Luppolo – Bitter Liqueur made of Hop, Herbs and Roots from Trentino

Liqueurs from the Dolomites

Hop has been cultivated in Trentino since the Austro-Hungarian empire and the region counted up to 53 small breweries. In recent years the beer tradition has been rediscovered alongside the cultivation of high-mountain hop. We have combined this hop with a mixture of herbs and roots of Trentino to give light to a unique liqueur rich of tradition, of great digestive properties to perfectly end a lovely meal

Characteristics of the Bitter Liqueur “Sior Luppolo”

The Bitter Liqueur Sior Luppolo is obtained by a mixture of hop harvested on the Altopiano della Paganella, juniper berries, cloves, gentian root and rhubarb, absinth, orange peels and much more. An intense aroma and a seducung taste characterize Sior Luppolo which can be enjoyed straight or mixed in cocktails. The Bitter Liqueur Sior Luppolo has got excellent digestive properties and it’s ideal to end a classy meal.


Obtained from antique recipes of the Dolzan family, experts in the art of distillation and with great botanical skills.

Alc Vol

best served ice cold or with ice

70 cl

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Ideal for Mixology